Sierra Leons Visa Price Online

  • A Sierra Leone entry visa typically takes 3 to 14 business days to complete. Depending on the nation where you apply for your visa. The entry visa cost for Sierra Leone
  • Single Entry Visa, 120-150 USD, maximum 3-month validity
  • Multiple Entry Visa (maximum 6-month duration): USD 185
  • Multiple Entry Visa, 220 to 245 USD, maximum 1-year validity
  • US citizens must pay USD 160 for a 3-year visa with multiple entries. Visa on Arrival Fee for Sierra Leone
  • African Union outside of ECOWAS Visa for citizens (single entry): $25
  • African Union citizen who is not an ECOWAS member (multiple re-entry visa): 35 USD
  • Foreign nationals (single entrance visa): 80 USD
  • Foreign nationals (multiple re-entry visa): 120 USD