Visa Extention for ukraine

How to apply for a Ukraine Visa extension?

  • You must apply for a visa extension at the local migration service office at least three days before your current visa or the 90-day term expires in order to stay legally in Ukraine.
  • When the Ukrainian migration service agency approves an extension of a foreigners permission to remain in the country, a special stamp is placed in the travellers passport.
  • There may be a maximum extension of 90 days. You will not be able to re-enter Ukraine until the 90 days have passed or you have obtained a new visa.

Documents required for Ukraine Visa extension

The following items must be submitted in addition to the application and "valid grounds" supporting documentation by both the applicant and the receiving party (the person or organisation that extended the invitation to visit Ukraine).

  • Your original passport, any visa(s) you may need to enter Ukraine, your arrival/departure registration form, and your immigration card (if any)
  • A translation of your passport certified by a Ukrainian authority
  • Insurance Policies
  • Verification of a place to stay in Ukrain.
  • Photograph (3.5*4.5 cm)
  • Payment of state duty is received in full (UAH 17)

Reasons for extending Ukraine visa

Visa-free and visa-required visitors to Ukraine can both extend their stays if they need more time in the country. If you need to extend your visa, you need to do so at least three but no more than ten working days before your current visa expires by applying to the local bodies of the State Migration Service of Ukraine.

The procedure differs substantially depending on the sort of visa you possess. Some key distinctions are as follows.

Extending visa for short stay (even if they are not required to have one):

Illness, pregnancy, and childbirth are acceptable reasons, as are caring for an ill family member, settling an inheritance, applying for immigration to Ukraine or Ukrainian citizenship, and working as a foreign correspondent.

Your stay can be extended for up to 180 days if more time is required to sort things out.

Extending Transit visa:

Forced stays in Ukraine following a natural disaster, illness, or auto repair are all acceptable reasons.

You may remain for as long as is required to address the issue.

Extending a visa for a long time:

Late receipt of a residence permit, whether permanent or temporary, is a valid reason.

Up to one month can be added to your stay.

How does the visa extension process for Ukraine work?

  • Upon receipt of the required documentation, the State Migration Service of Ukraine will decide on your application within 14 days.
  • You will receive a temporary certificate that is sealed, signed, and bears your photo verifying that your passport was submitted along with your request for a visa extension if it takes longer than one day to complete the documents.
  • A relevant entry is produced following the State Migration Service of Ukraines decision about the request to extend the period of stay in Ukraine.
  • If the decision is favourable, the State Migration Service of Ukraine will stamp your passport with a date that indicates the length of the prolonged stay.
  • You have the option to appeal a denial of your application to the Ukrainian State Migration Service or in court.