Eligibility For USA Visa

The following are some eligibility requirements for obtaining a visa to visit USA: 
- You must be a citizen of an eligible country.
- You must have a valid passport.
- You must not have any criminal convictions that would bar you from entering USA, such as terrorism, murder, or other violent crimes.
- You cannot be travelling intending to work in USA illegally.
- You must have enough money to cover your expenses while visiting USA. For example, if you plan on staying at hotels and eating at restaurants, you should bring more than just enough for airfare.
- It is possible to apply for a temporary resident permit if you do not meet the criteria mentioned. A business visitor may need a TRP to enter USA without taking up employment or engaging in business transactions.
- A transit passenger may require a TRP if their stay is within 72 hours; this applies only to certain countries.
- A tourist requires no visa when travelling through USA by land only for less than 48 hours or by air only for less than 24 hours. If you doubt whether or not you need a Canadian visa, contact the nearest Canadian embassy or consulate before departing.
Many factors could determine whether you will receive a visa to enter USA, so it's always better to know beforehand than risk being denied entry upon arrival.