Visa Extention For USA

How to apply for a visa Extension for the United States of America

Worrying about a united States of America visa extension? Here is a simple step that you need to follow.

Fill out the Extension letter: A person needs to fill out the form requesting an extension to US Citizenship and Immigration Services on the form I-539. You need to make payment after you are done with the process of filling out the application form. And then wait for your visa extension certificate. Here to note, the application must be certified by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs duly signed and stamped by the United state of America embassy.

Here to note that US consular officers have decision-making authority for nonimmigrant visa application

Gather all required documents: A person must collect the required document for an Extension for a United States of America visa. After you have done gathering the required documents, you can send these scanned documents to a consultant.

Sending a document to the united state of America Embassy

Once you are done with sending the required documentation to the United States American embassy, the consultant will inform you once your United state America visa is approved.

In case you have lost your visa then apply for a replacement at the US embassy or consulate

Document Required To Extend a United States of America Visa

Worried about the documentation required for a USA visa extension? Travelers must understand that every country has its own set of rules and regulations, specification, and document requirements. Extension service for United States of America visas is for people who already have valid United States of America visas and wish to extend those Visas. Here is a list of complete documents that are required while applying for the extension for the United state of America visa.

Original Passport: must have an Original Passport with a validity of at least 6 months, a minimum of 3 blank pages, and in case any person has an old Passport then attach that as well

Passport Size photograph: The person should have a colored photograph. You must note that the photograph must be from a recent time with white background; no hats and glasses are required. The size of the photograph must be 35mmx54mm in size.

Certificate of a criminal record: these records must be attested by the ministry of external affairs, Government of India

An introductory letter: an introductory letter must be from the sponsor in the United States of America is also required here to be noted that the explanation for the extension must be included must be the introductory letter.

Supporting document: there supporting documents that are mentioned below

Leave sectioned certificate for employment. It must have a company seal.

Retirement proof for retired

Students must have a student ID card.

Minors must have a birth certificate with their parents' names and a legalized letter of consent (NOC), which states parental consent.

Death certificate if the minor parent is dead.

Acceptance Prove: the copy of acceptance from the ministry of foreign affairs must be attached.

Travelers must check the United state of America visa terms and conditions before further processing because you can’t amend the application form change once you have filled and submitted it to the United state of America Embassy.