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There are certain cities that simply blow our minds, some that captivate us with their unsurpassed natural beauty, and then there are countries like Bosnia and Herzegovina, where I struggle to think of even one negative thing to say about it. My third trip there is already in the works, so I figure now is as good a time as any to list all the reasons why you should visit Bosnia and Herzegovina. When you consider that this stunningly gorgeous country is one of the least visited in Europe, it's hard to fathom why. Bosnia & Herzegovina, a country with a terrible and awful history and some of the friendliest people you will ever encounter, is a confusing and attractive paradox. The following are just a few of the many reasons why you should travel to Bosnia and Herzegovina, whether you are looking for an exciting vacation, a low-cost getaway, or insight into the region's turbulent past.

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Types Of Bosnia Visa

Foreign people who wish to visit Bosnia can choose from a number of different visas, each of which is subject to its own unique criteria and restrictions.

  • During the course of the six-month term, the approved applicant is only permitted to stay in the nation for a cumulative total of ninety days. You are eligible to apply for a long-term visa if you anticipate staying in Bosnia and Herzegovina for more than 90 consecutive days during a period of six months (Visa D).
  • The procedure to get a business visa in Bosnia is simple when compared to those of other nations. The applicant is required to provide the following details: Six months after entering Bosnia, their passports are still valid. It takes two photographs to complete a passport application. receipt of a properly filled out visa application. Proving that you have enough money to cover the duration of your stay is a must. Applicants may also be asked to provide evidence of where they will stay, whether they have a ticket back home or to their next destination, proof of medical coverage (if necessary), and verification of their employment situation back home.
  • Visitors can stay in Bosnia for up to two years on the long-stay visa without applying for a new visa or renewing their current one. The Visa is the best choice for anyone looking to go off the island, as it allows the holder several entrances into the nation throughout the specified time frame. If the visa holder applies for and receives employment authorization from the consulate or embassy, he or she will be able to work legally while in the country. Immigration authorities require applicants for long-stay visas to satisfy certain requirements, such as having sufficient funds and health insurance coverage.
  • If candidates can show sufficient connections that they will be working in Bosnia throughout their stay, the work visa programme will extend their stay to a maximum of five years. Candidates should also be able to provide a valid passport issued by their native country and get the necessary recommendations from previous employers or colleagues. Candidates for a work visa in Bosnia are also required to provide proof that they have sufficient funds to live on throughout their stay in the country. Approved applicants can remain in Bosnia for up to five years and can request to extend their stay beyond that if necessary.

Bosnia Visa Rules and Conditions

  • Visa fees must be paid after the application has been sent in.
  • Customers must wait for their visas to be processed for two to three business days.
  • All passengers going to Maldova must have a negative covid report with a PCR report that says when the sample was taken.
  • The above visas will only be good until the last date, depending on your choice.
  • All travelers to Maldova can stay an extra 30–60 days if they pay the extra fees.
  • If you have a medical problem, you should bring a copy of your doctor's prescription with you when you travel. If you are found to have a serious health problem at the airport, you will be sent straight to the hospital without any questions from the staffing department.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

A visa application should be submitted at least two months before travel.

A visa to Bosnia can be issued for a single entry or many entries, depending on the applicant's needs.

Your visa application must go through a manual review process involving several departments and their respective computer systems, thus this method is crucial.

Visa applications for stays of less than 30 days in Bosnia might take as long as a month to be processed. You'll need at least four weeks of uninterrupted time in Bosnia to apply for and receive a long-stay visa.

Tourists are permitted on Bosnia's island for up to three months and one week every three months and one week. Once you have applied for and received a Bosnia visa, you will be allowed to enter the country and remain there for the time period specified on your visa. The 90-day extension is a possibility, but not a guarantee.


Things to be Done in Bosnia

  • Visitors may see an 18-minute video on the conflict, the blockade, and life in the tunnel, as well as examine photographs, maps, uniforms, and other artefacts. The first twenty metres of the tunnel are open to foot traffic, too.
  • The Kravice Waterfall in Bosnia and Herzegovina is one of Europe's best-kept secrets (Vodopad Kravica).
  • When it comes to Muslim Dervish monasteries, the one in Bosnia and Herzegovina is perhaps the most visually stunning. Located close to Mostar, Blagaj is a small rural town.
  • There is a UNESCO World Heritage Site right on the Croatian border: the Vjetrenica cave system, which extends for about six kilometres (3.7 miles) below into the Dinaric Alps and reveals a mystical world of underground rivers, limestone passages, and bright lakes.

Apply Bosnia Visa Online

Applying for a Bosnia Visa The process of obtaining a Bosnian visa has been simplified greatly with the establishment of an online visa application system. Online visa applications for Bosnia and Herzegovina are now available, allowing visitors entering the country to do so quickly and easily. The online visa application is available in several languages, allowing applicants from all around the world to swiftly and conveniently access it and submit it. To begin the application process, interested parties must first register an account on the official website. This profile will contain the user's name, email address, current country of residence, and passport information. Once an applicant has registered, they may fill out the online application and attach any necessary documents, such as a letter of invitation from a host in Bosnia or proof of financial stability. Before submitting an application for processing, applicants must complete the form and pay any applicable fees

Types of Bosnia E-Visa

Note: All the visa are going to be valid for 60 days from the date of travel.

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Bosnia Facts and Figures

Name :Bosnia and Herzegovina
Capital :Sarajevo
Major cities :Sarajevo,Trebinje,Prijedor.
Language : Indo-European languages
Area :51,209 km²
Population : 32.6 lakhs (2021)
National day :1 March
Currency :Bosnia-Herzegovina Convertible Marka