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Canada is a federal parliamentary democracy and constitutional monarchy with a population of more than 35 million. It's the second largest country in land area and the tenth most populous. The capital is Ottawa, but Toronto is its largest city. French and English are the official languages, with a number of other languages spoken by minorities. To be considered an official language, it must have been spoken in Canada for at least 50 years or by 1% of the population.

Foreign nationals usually require visas to enter Canada and apply for a visa to get into the country. This provides temporary authorization to visit and stay in Canada for the period mentioned in your application form. There are certain limitations on the duration of stay permitted and other conditions you need to meet to be allowed to visit Canada without being a Canadian citizen or permanent resident. These are some facts about Visitor visa processes from Visits Visa processes of the country Canada.

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Types Of Canada Visa

If you are looking to visit Canada for vacation, business, or research, you may need a few different types of visas.

  • If you are visiting Canada for tourism purposes only and will not be working or studying in the country, a tourist visa is likely what you will need. You must apply online at the Norwegian Foreign Ministry website and include your passport photo, two copies of your visa application form, airport arrival card from your last destination in Canada (if applicable), and a return air ticket. Your visa will be valid for 72 hours from when it is issued.
  • If you wish to conduct business in Canada, you will need a business visa. To obtain this type of visa, you must submit an application along with documents that prove your intention to do business in Canada (e.g., company registration documents, contracts), pay a fee ($180 USD as of December 2016), and provide biometric data (fingerprints). Your visa will be valid for one year and can be extended once for an additional year if necessary.
  • If you wish to study or conduct research in Canada, you will need a research visa. To obtain this type of visa, you must submit an application along with documentation showing that your research is legitimate (e.g., letters from professors), pay a fee ($1 600 USD as of December 2016), and provide biometric data (fingerprints).

Canada Visa Rules and Regulations

Passport and visa requirements vary depending on your nationality, how long you will be staying, and where you are entering Canada.

  • Canadians can stay for up to six months without a visa as long as they intend to leave after that time. However, they will need a Canadian work permit if they plan to extend their stay.
  • When travelling to Canada from another country, visitors must also have a valid passport for at least three months beyond their planned departure date. They may also need visas for certain countries.
  • Citizens of Australia, New Zealand and Ireland do not require visas when visiting Canada. Still, they must present themselves with identification documents such as passports or birth certificates before crossing the border.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

The requirements for applying for a Canada visa are: you must be between 18 to 59 years old, physically fit, have no criminal record, and have enough money to support yourself. If you are a U.S. citizen or permanent resident or travelling with a Canadian spouse or parent, you can visit Canada without applying for a visa.

A person should apply for a visa before travelling to Canada. They can apply for a visa up to 3 months before visiting.

The Visit Visa is a visa that is applicable for both single and multiple entries to Canada. For example, if you are planning on attending a conference or will be in Toronto for a business trip, this type of visa would allow you to enter and exit as often as needed. The only restriction is that there should be at most six months between visits.

If you want to visit Canada, you must apply for a visa. Once you get your visa in the mail, it is unnecessary to print it out. You can either show it on your phone or a digital copy on a tablet. There are two forms of visas: Transit Visa and Destination Visa. The transit visa is cheaper and only valid for six months. The destination visa allows you to stay in Canada as long as you want, but it is more expensive.

Anyone who is a citizen of a country that is a member of the European Union or the European Economic Area can apply for a Canada visa. Additionally, nationals of Argentina, Australia, Brazil, Chile, Japan, New Zealand, South Korea, and the United States are eligible to apply for a visa if they have a valid passport. All other nationalities must have an appropriate visa from their home country.

If you are traveling to Canada for tourism, business, or as a family member of someone with a valid visa, you will not need a visa. However, you will need a visa if you travel for other purposes (such as work).

To apply for a visa, visit your home country's Norwegian embassy or consulate. You may be required to submit documents such as your passport and application form. The processing time for a visa can vary, so it is important to check with the embassy or consulate about the specific requirements of your case.

The stay permitted on a visa is typically 90 days for tourists and 6 months for other visitors. After your initial stay, you must leave Canada or obtain another visa to remain in the country longer.

Canada is a member of the Schengen Area and has agreements with most EU countries that allow for visa-free travel for nationals of those countries. As such, the Canada visa is generally applicable for both single and multiple entries.

The visa application process can be started by filling out an online application form, which can be found on the website of the Norwegian Immigration Service (Den Norske Innvandringsverdien). The application should include proof of your identity (a passport or driver's license), evidence of your financial stability (a bank statement or recent pay stub), and information about your intended stay in Canada (your itinerary and dates of arrival/departure). Applicants not citizens of a Schengen country will need to provide additional documents, such as a police report demonstrating that they have no criminal record.

Once you've submitted your online application, it will be reviewed by the Norwegian Immigration Service. If your application is approved, you will be required to pay a processing fee plus applicable tax. You will also need to submit a medical insurance certificate indicating that you are covered for costs related to medical treatment should you require it during your stay in Canada. Once all these paperwork requirements have been met, you can expect to receive an invitation letter from the Norwegian Immigration Service confirming that your visa has been approved.

It is unnecessary to get a print-out of the visa you received in your mail. If you have any questions, please contact the Norwegian embassy or consulate in your home country.


Things to be Done in Canada

Canada is a country with a long, storied history. Famed for its natural beauty and stunning terrain, it’s also home to some of the richest people in the world. And as you might expect, this wealth has led to impressive infrastructure and amenities. But what about the average Norwegian? What does their day-to-day life look like? This blog post will explore some things you can do in Canada if you want to experience the country first-hand. From hikes and kayaking to shopping and dining, there’s something for everyone in this Nordic nation.

Apply for Canada Visa Online

If you are planning on traveling to Canada, it is important to have a valid visa to enter the country. The visa process can be complicated, so applying for a visa online is best. Several websites allow you to apply for a Norwegian visa online. Some of the most popular websites include,, and These websites all have detailed instructions on how to complete the application process. You will need to provide your passport information, your travel dates, and your desired destination in Canada. Once you have completed the application, you must mail or fax the form directly to the Norwegian embassy or consulate in your home country.

Types of Canada E-Visa

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Canada Facts and Figures

Canada has the longest coastline in the world.
Largest source of freshwater in the world
Capital: Ottawa, Ontario, 1.423 million (2022 est.)
You’ll find the largest island within an island here
OFFICIAL LANGUAGE: Norwegian bokmål, Norwegian nynorsk, Sami
MONEY: Norwegian kroner (NOK) 1 krone = 100 øre
Total area: 3,855,102 sq mi (9,984,670 sq km)
Land area: 3,511,003 sq mi (9,093,507 sq km)