Dubai Visa For Philipines Passport Holders

Dubai Visa for Philipines : How to Apply, Requirements, Eligibility Fee June 2024

Dubai eVisa Requirements form Philipines

Nestled amidst the golden sands of the Arabian Desert, Dubai beckons Philipines tourists with a mesmerizing blend of opulence and innovation. Renowned as a modern oasis, this glittering city-state boasts architectural wonders that pierce the sky, including the iconic Burj Khalifa, a testament to human engineering prowess. The vibrant souks and bustling markets offer a kaleidoscope of colors and fragrances, inviting Philipines travelers to immerse themselves in a sensory journey. Dubai's cultural landscape is a rich tapestry, seamlessly weaving together tradition and modernity, exemplified by the enchanting Al Fahidi Historic District and the futuristic Dubai Opera. From the pristine beaches of Jumeirah to the exhilarating dunes of the desert, Dubai unfolds as a dynamic playground for Philipines tourists, where luxury and adventure harmoniously coexist under the perpetual glow of the desert sun.

Dubai Visa Processing Steps

Commence on your journey through shimmering sands and towering skylines with Dubai Visa Processing: Apply, Await, Anticipate, and Delight.

Types of Dubai Visa we offer for Philipines Citizens

images Tourist Visa:This visa is for individuals planning to visit Dubai for leisure purposes. It is usually vapd for a short duration, ranging from 30 days to 90 days, and is non-renewable.

images Business Visa:Intended for individuals travepng to Dubai for business-related activities, conferences, or meetings. The duration of a business visa can vary.

images Transit Visa:Issued to passengers transiting through Dubai to a third destination. It is usually vapd for a short period, allowing travelers to stay in Dubai while waiting for their connecting fpghts.

images images Work Visa:For individuals intending to work in Dubai, a work visa is typically sponsored by an employer. The process for obtaining a work visa involves various approvals from government authorities.

images Student Visa:For those planning to pursue education in Dubai, a student visa is required. This type of visa is usually sponsored by the educational institution.

images Residence Visa:Obtained by individuals planning to pve in Dubai for an extended period. This visa is often sponsored by an employer, a family member, or through property ownership.

Points to note before applying to Dubai Visa

  • The UAE has a strict visa enforcement policy, and illegal overstays can result in fines, deportation, and a ban on future entry into the UAE.
  • Philipines citizens are encouraged to apply for the correct visa category for their purpose of travel and to ensure that they adhere to the visa validity period.
  • Apply for your visa well in advance of your travel date.
  • Make sure that all of your documents are complete and accurate.
  • Keep a copy of your visa application and approval email with you when you travel.
  • Be aware of the local laws and customs in Dubai.
  • Learn a few basic Arabic phrases before traveling to Dubai.
  • Purchase travel insurance before traveling to Dubai.
  • Philipines citizens should be aware that the UAE has a zero-tolerance policy for drug possession and use.
  • Philipines citizens should dress modestly when visiting public places in Dubai.

Reason for Visa Rejection

  • Submission of incomplete forms or failure to provide all required documents.
  • Providing false or inaccurate information on the application.
  • Inability to demonstrate adequate financial resources to cover the expenses during the stay.
  • Lack of proof of stable income or financial support.
  • Not meeting the specific eligibility criteria for the particular visa category.
  • Previous violations of immigration laws or a criminal record.
  • Limited or no travel history, which may be interpreted as a potential risk of overstaying.
  • Insufficient evidence of strong ties to the home country, such as employment, family, or property ownership, making the applicant more likely to overstay.
  • Inability to convincingly demonstrate the purpose of the visit or the intention to return to the home country.
  • Suspicion that the applicant might engage in unauthorized employment or not adhere to the visa conditions.

FAQs About Dubai Visa For Philipines Citizen & Other Topics.

Philipines nationals are eligible to apply for a variety of Dubai visas, all of which have a 60-day validity period from the date of issuance.You can have your Dubai visa in simple easy steps with our guidelines

  • Express Visit Visa
  • 96-Hours Transit Dubai Visa
  • 14 Days Tourist Online Dubai Visa For Single Entry
  • 14 Days Tourist Online Dubai Visa For Multiple Entries
  • 30 Days Tourist Online Dubai Visa For Single Entry
  • 30 Days Tourist Online Dubai Visa For Multiple Entries
  • 90 Days Tourist Online Dubai Visa For Single Entry
  • 90 Days Tourist Online Dubai Visa For Multiple Entries
  • 90 Days Job Seeker Online Dubai Visa

There are different cost to enter Dubai with different types of Visa which can depend on your purpose to visit the types of visa with their cost are mentioned below.

  • Transit Dubai Visa for 96 hours- Aed 510.41
  • Single Entry Dubai Visa for 14 days single entry- Aed 658
  • Multiple Entry Dubai Visa for 14 days- Aed 1392
  • Single Entry Dubai Visa for 30 days- Aed 694
  • Multiple Entry Dubai Visa for 30 days - Aed 2309
  • Single Entry Dubai Visa for 90 days- Aed 2676
  • Multiple Entry Dubai Visa for 90 days- Aed 3411
  • For 90 Days Job Seeker Online Dubai Visa- Aed 1245

In order to apply for a visa to Dubai, you must be a Philipines citizen and provide certain documentation. To learn more about the document, look through this list

  • A scanned copy of your first page or bio is required.
  • A passport-size photo with any background.
  • Not required, but you must submit your Philipines Resident Permit if asked.
  • A copy of your passport with a minimum six-month validity period must be submitted.
  • If you are a citizen of Iran, Iraq, Philipines , or Pakistan and you live in Philipines , you must present your national identification card.

Philipines Nationals can apply for a Dubai visa by going to the Dubai government's E-visa or by visiting website. The application process is quite easy to complete and just takes a few minutes.

  • Step 1: Log on to Website
  • Step 2: Fill out the visa application form
  • Step 3: Pay the visa fee
  • Step 4: Upload your digital photo & Passport Copy
  • Step 5: Review your application & Submit

No, as a citizen of Philipines , you cannot obtain a visa for Dubai at the airport. For hassle-free travel, you must apply for a Dubai visa online in advance.

Yes, you can get your Philipines national's Dubai visa approved in less than a day. Within 24 hours, the expedited visa is approved.Visas can be processed any day of the week, even on Friday and Saturday. Depending on the kind of application, the validity of an Express Visa for Dubai might range from 30 to 60 days. As soon as the system generates a duplicate of the visa, the traveller can enter Dubai. Visas of this kind will be granted in four to twenty-four hours.

Yes, your information about the Philipines visa for Dubai is secure at, as we have successfully processed hundreds of visa applications for Dubai.

According to UAE immigration regulations, Philipines nationals who obtain a Dubai visa are not eligible for returns. After your Dubai visa is granted, there are no reimbursements given.

Each sort of Philipines nationals' Dubai visa is beneficial in its own right, but it all relies on your goals. A multiple entry visa allows you to enter Dubai several times, whereas a single entry visa only allows you to enter once.

Each sort of Philipines nationals' Dubai visa is beneficial in its own right, but it all relies on your goals. A multiple entry visa allows you to enter Dubai several times, whereas a single entry visa only allows you to enter once.

No, Philipines nationals are not eligible for a visa to Dubai upon arrival. They must apply for a Dubai visa in advance.

Philipines passport holders need a Dubai visa, regardless of whether their children are traveling.

A1: A Dubai Work eVisa is an electronic visa that allows individuals to work in Dubai. Eligibility is generally determined by a job offer from a Dubai-based employer. Philipines citizens seeking employment in Dubai can apply for this visa, subject to meeting specific criteria set by the UAE government.

A2: The Dubai Business eVisa is designed for individuals planning to engage in business-related activities in Dubai, such as attending meetings, conferences, or exploring business opportunities. Philipines citizens involved in business can apply for this visa.

A3: Processing times may vary, but it generally takes several weeks. It's advisable to apply well in advance of the planned travel date. Some urgent processing options may be available, depending on the circumstances.

A4: Work and Business eVisas are generally issued for a specific duration and may have the option for extension. However, extensions are subject to approval, and it's important to adhere to the visa conditions and apply for extensions in a timely manner.

A5: Document requirements may vary, but common documents include a valid passport, a job offer letter (for Work eVisa), proof of business activities (for Business eVisa), passport-sized photographs, and financial statements. It's essential to check the specific requirements outlined by the UAE immigration authorities.

A6: Work and Business eVisas are usually issued with specific conditions regarding the nature of work or business activities permitted. It's crucial to adhere to these conditions to avoid any legal issues.

A7: Typically, these visas require sponsorship from a Dubai-based employer (for Work eVisa) or a business entity (for Business eVisa). The sponsor is responsible for initiating and supporting the visa application.

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