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Gambia is a stunningly beautiful country located on the west coast of Africa and is often referred to as 'The Smiling Coast. With its stunning beaches, diverse wildlife, vibrant culture and friendly people, it's easy to see why Gambia is a top tourist destination. Whether you're looking for a relaxing beach holiday or an adventure-packed African safari, Gambia has something for everyone. With its convenient visa requirements, you can easily explore Gambia's many attractions.

The Gambia, situated on the west coast of Africa, is a small country that offers travellers a wide range of exciting experiences. This tiny nation has something for everyone, from stunning natural landscapes to vibrant cities and bustling markets. If you're looking to explore somewhere new and off-the-beaten-track, then a visit to Gambia is the perfect way to do it.

The Gambia boasts an array of unique attractions and activities to enjoy. The options are endless, from world-class bird-watching opportunities and unique eco-tourism experiences to luxurious beach resorts and thrilling safaris. Not to mention, the country is also home to some of the most colourful and diverse cultures in Africa.

If you're hoping to learn more about Gambia's history and culture, there are plenty of fascinating sites to explore. From ancient archaeological sites and grand palaces to vibrant markets and bustling bazaars, the country is a melting pot of cultural influences from all over the world. And don't forget about the delicious cuisine – visitors can find everything from traditional dishes to international fare.

Whether you're looking for a relaxing beach holiday, an adventurous safari trip, or a cultural immersion, the Gambia has something for everyone. With its warm hospitality, beautiful landscapes and endless attractions, you'll never run out of things to do. All you need is a valid visa to explore this wonderful destination. So what are you waiting for? Start planning your trip to Gambia today!

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Types of Gambia Visa?

When it comes to African countries, Gambia is a great option to explore. With its stunning beaches, wildlife, and culture, there is something for everyone. If you are planning a trip to this amazing country, one of the first things to consider is obtaining a visa.

The Gambia offers a variety of visa options for visitors, depending on the purpose of your visit. Here are some of the types of visas available:

Tourist Visa – This visa allows you to stay in Gambia for up to 90 days and can be extended for up to six months. This visa is best for those who are looking to explore and take in the sights and sounds of Gambia.

Business Visa – Business visas allow you to stay in Gambia for up to 90 days and can be extended for up to three months. This visa is ideal for business travellers who need to travel within the country for meetings or conferences.

Student Visa – If you are coming to Gambia to pursue educational studies, you will need a student visa. This type of visa allows you to stay in the country for up to one year and can be extended for another year if necessary.

Work Visa – A work visa is required if you intend to work in the Gambia during your stay. The stay length depends on the job type and can be extended as necessary.

No matter what type of Gambia visa you choose, you will need to fill out an application form and provide valid proof of identification. Once your visa is approved, you will be able to enjoy all that Gambia has to offer!

  • Domestic servants who are employees of Azerbaijan eligible for a B1 visa in which they are guides of any employee of Gambia
  • A tourist visa is a type of visa which allows users to enter a foreign country as a tourist to travel staying within a predetermined time. Tourists Visa came up with different options and categories. For travelers who are visiting Gambia individually and want to explore the whole city 30, the Days Single Entry is best for them, or in case they want to extend their plan and want to stay for any kind of personal experience and choices the visa category of 60 days Single Entry will help them in their long stay in Gambia .
  • Student visas are for students who are doing their academic studies in foreign countries and are there attending any foreign language training programs.
  • Business visas are for people who are traveling from one Nation to another Nation for a matter of business in which they are engaged in different types of business activities in terms of work and employment The 30 days Multiple Entry visa option is best for people who are visiting Gambia 2-3 times a month which means they don't have to pay extra for travel. Otherwise, the best option for them is 60 days with multiple entries for long business trip stays or if the up-down of Gambia for 5 -6 times.

Visa Rules and Regulations

  • Visiting Visa Gambia is a great way to experience this small country's culture and natural beauty on the west coast of Africa. Whether you are looking for an exotic vacation or want to get away from it all, Visa Gambia has much to offer. Before travelling to Gambia, it is important to understand the visa requirements and regulations so that you can make the most out of your trip.
  • In order to obtain a Visa for the Gambia, you must first fill out an online application. The visa application fee is USD 35, and applications are usually processed within two weeks. It is important to note that some visitors may be required to present additional documentation when applying for a Visa for Gambia. This can include proof of employment, financial documents, and evidence of health insurance coverage.
  • Once the application has been approved, visitors will need to pay the required visa fee. This fee is generally between USD 50-USD 75 and can be paid at the border crossing or the airport in Gambia.
  • Upon arrival in Gambia, visitors must present a valid passport with a minimum of six months validity remaining and proof of sufficient funds for their stay. Visitors must also provide details of where they are staying while in Gambia.
  • It is important to note that visas can only be used within 90 days from the date of issuance and cannot be extended. Visitors staying longer than 90 days will need to apply for a residence permit through the Ministry of Home Affairs in Banjul.
  • Visitors should also take note of the requirements for leaving the Gambia. All travellers must present their valid passports as well as a valid visa upon departure from the country. As with any country, failure to comply with visa requirements and regulations could lead to deportation or even worse penalties.
  • By taking the time to understand visa requirements and regulations for Visa Gambia, visitors can ensure that their visit to this beautiful country is pleasant.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Any person he/she who has a valid passport can apply for the visa.

One should apply for a visa at least 1 or 2 months before their travel date.

Both categories are being applied for the Gambia visas, you can choose between plans for single entry or multiple entries.

Yes, you have to do this process because your visa will be checked on different platforms and by different officers in paperback form.


Things to be Done in Gambia

Gambia is a beautiful country located in West Africa and offers visitors various activities and experiences. From stunning beaches, lush green forests and unique wildlife to the vibrant culture, bustling markets and delicious food, Gambia has something for everyone. Whether you're looking for a relaxing beach holiday or an exciting adventure, Visa Gambia will make sure your time in the country is unforgettable.

Here are just some of the things you should do during your visit to Gambia.

Visit The River Gambia National Park: This protected area stretches along both sides of the River Gambia, one of the major rivers in West Africa. Here you'll find a diverse range of animals, such as monkeys, crocodiles, antelopes, hippopotamuses and more. You can also explore the lush forest and spot rare bird species.

Tour Historic Sites: Gambia has many interesting historical sites that date back centuries. Take a tour of the Portuguese fort at Albreda, visit the slave house at Kunta Kinteh Island, and learn about the country's colonial history.

Sample Delicious Local Cuisine: No trip to Gambia would be complete without sampling the delicious local cuisine. There are plenty of restaurants to choose from where you can enjoy traditional dishes like domoda (a peanut-based stew), benachin (rice cooked with vegetables and meat) and yassa (a marinated fish dish).

Go Shopping in the Markets: Shopping is a great way to get to know the locals and learn more about their culture. From street stalls selling handmade crafts to bustling markets filled with fresh fruits and vegetables, there's something for everyone in Gambia's vibrant marketplaces.

Experience Authentic Culture: Gambia is home to many different ethnic groups, each with its own distinct culture and traditions. Learn more about them by visiting local villages and experiencing life as it's been lived for centuries.

These are just some of the things you can do in Gambia during your visit with Visa Gambia. If you're looking for a truly unique experience, this is definitely the place to go!

Apply Gambia Visa Online

Are you looking for an exciting holiday destination that offers a unique blend of culture and breathtaking scenery? Then it would be best if you considered visiting Visa Gambia.

Gambia is a beautiful country located in the heart of West Africa. It is known for its vibrant culture, welcoming people and gorgeous landscapes. Visitors will find a wide range of activities to enjoy from exploring the vibrant markets and vibrant nightlife of the cities to relaxing on the golden beaches and observing incredible wildlife.

Getting a Visa to Gambia online is quick and easy. Once you have filled out the online application form and paid the fee, you will receive your e-Visa within 3-5 working days. The e-Visa is valid for up to 30 days and can be used for multiple entries into Gambia. With this visa, you can travel to Gambia without any hassle and enjoy your trip without any worries.

Gambia is a great destination for all types of travellers, whether you are looking for an adventure or a peaceful escape. From the capital city of Banjul to the lively coastal cities, you'll find plenty to do and see. You can explore the many different cultures and traditions of Gambia and experience its unique cuisine. Be sure to visit some of the country's breathtaking national parks, such as Kiang West National Park and Bakau National Park, to observe amazing wildlife up close.

Applying for a Visa to Gambia online is the most convenient way to enter the country. Make sure to apply for your visa well in advance to ensure you get your passport and other documents in time for your trip. Applying for a Visa to Gambia can be done from the comfort of your own home, so you don't have to worry about waiting in long lines at embassies or other government offices.

With its incredible beauty, captivating culture and diverse wildlife, Gambia is one of the most sought-after destinations in Africa. So if you're looking for an unforgettable holiday experience, make sure to apply for your Visa Gambia online today!

If you want to go to Gambia and hope your visa will arrive in the mail, you should follow the rules, regulations, conditions, and instructions in the above steps very carefully. If the application has any false information, there is a chance that the visa will be denied right away. Customers have to trust our company for the advance payment system because we are the most reliable company that gives visas to our users and travellers and has a track record of more than 100,000 visa approvals.

Types of Gambia E-Visa

Note: All the visa are going to be valid for 60 days from the date of travel.

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Gambia Facts and Figures

Continent – Africa
Region – Western Africa
Size – 11,300 km²
Geography – flood plain of the Gambia river
Language – English, Mandinka, Wolof, Fula
Religion – 90% Muslim, 8% Christian, 2% other
Monetary Unit -Dalasi
Natural Resources – fish, titanium, tin, zircon, silica sand, clay, petroleum
Neighbouring Countries – Senegal