How to apply Jordan visa

  • Unless you qualify for the Jordan eVisa, you must apply for a visa to Jordan at a Jordanian diplomatic mission in your nation or a neighbouring nation (see below). The following is the application procedure for a Jordann visa:
  • Submit a job application online. To schedule an appointment to submit papers at an embassy or consulate, you must first submit an electronic application through the E-Application System. (Click here to submit the electronic application.)
  • You must also add a photo (size: 5 mm length x 4 mm width, resolution: 300 DPI). If the picture doesn't match the specifications listed below, the application won't let you upload it.
  • Assemble the necessary paperwork. Soon after submitting Jordan, You must gather the necessary documentation to support your visa application before submitting a visa online (see Jordan visa requirements below).
  • Pay the visa fee for Jordan.
  • Present the papers at the diplomatic embassy of Jordan. After paying the visa cost and gathering the necessary paperwork, you must deliver your paperwork to a Jordanian diplomatic mission in person or by mail. You select the diplomatic mission from the E-Application System for which you want to apply. The Jordan consulate or embassy officials will attach the visa to your passport once it has been processed. Either they will ship your passport back to you, or you must pick it up. You may enter Jordan for the specified days using your visa.