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Strategically speaking, Jordan's Hashemite Kingdom is in the Middle East. Various landscapes surround Jordan: Syria to the north, Iraq to the northeast, Saudi Arabia to the east and south, the Red Sea to the south, and Israel and the Palestinian National Authority to the west. The country has an area of 89,213 square kilometres, with desert occupying about 75% of that area.
Jordan is a nation with a rich past. Many of the great civilisations of the world's past have left behind remnants in this region, which has been the site of some of humanity's first settlements and villages.
Jordan and Palestine's territory has functioned as a vital hub for connecting Asia, Europe, and the Middle East since it is the Middle East's crossroads. Europe and Africa. As a result, since the beginning of civilisation, Jordan has played a significant role as a commercial and communication route connecting north and south, east and west. Jordan still performs this function today.
Jordan's climate is typified by hot, dry summers and cool, wet winters. The country's average yearly temperature ranges from 12 to 25 C, with midsummer highs reaching 40 C. Average annual rainfall ranges from 50 millimetres in the desert to 800 millimetres in the northern slopes, some of which turns to snow.
From the Jordan Rift Valley in the West to the desert plains in the East, Jordan is blessed with various geological features and tiny hills that stretch across the entire country in between.
The Dead Sea, which is located 408 metres below sea level in Jordan, is thought to be the lowest spot on earth. In comparison, Jebel Umm El Dami, which is 1854 metres above sea level, is the highest point in Jordan.
The Hashemite Kingdom of Jordan, which was carved out of the desert following the Great Arab Revolt and the fall of the Ottoman Empire, is a relatively modern state. Its current King is just the fourth member of his family to hold the Hashemite throne.
Based on a Constitution adopted in 1952, the Hashemite Kingdom of Jordan is a constitutional monarchy with a representative government. The current head of state, His Majesty King Abdullah II, is Jordan's head of state, chief executive, and supreme armed forces commander. The Prime Minister and the Council of Ministers, or Cabinet, serving as the King's agents in his executive duties. The elected House of Deputies, along with the House of Notables (Senate), makes up the legislative branch of the government. The elected House of Deputies holds the Cabinet accountable in their presence. In Jordan, the judicial branch is a separate executive branch division.
Approximately 6.3 million people call Jordan home today, with roughly 2 million residing in Amman, the country's capital. Jordan's population is also youthful, with 41% of people under 15. Rates of education, literacy and social well-being are generally high when compared to other countries. The small nation of Jordan has few natural resources. Currently, the nation is looking into ways to increase its meagre water supply and better use its current water resources, especially through regional cooperation. Most of Jordan's energy needs are met by sources outside the country. The World Bank categorises Jordan as a "lower middle income country." $5,749 is the GDP per capita.
Jordan's main tourist attractions are various historic locales, such as Petra, its distinctive desert castles, pristine natural areas, and cultural and religious landmarks. The Dead Sea, which is located 408 metres below sea level in Jordan, is thought to be the lowest spot on earth. Jebel Umm El Dami, located 1854 metres above sea level, is Jordan's highest point.

  • For as long as they have valid Jordan tourist visas, visitors from all over the world may enter the nation, stay there, and move about. Jordan welcomes many tourists every year who come for vacations, to see family or friends, or for any other reason that meets the requirements of its liberalised visa policy.
  • Every year, many people go to Jordan for leisure, to see family or friends, or for any other reason that conforms with the requirements of the Jordan Tourist Visa.
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Types Of Jordan Visa

Jordan offers a variety of visas. Therefore, educate yourself about them to apply for the proper alternative before doing so.

  • Jordan visit visas are among the most popular categories, allowing the bearer to travel to and experience the nation. Because this specific form of visa is to attract tourists and promote tourism in the country, it is also known as the Jordan tourist visa.
  • You may apply for this visa if you intend to conduct business in Jordan, invest in a local company, or have a similar goal. However, remember that the Jordanian visa criteria for a business or investment visa may differ from those for other types.
  • This visa category is perfect for someone looking for work in Jordan. Note that it is exclusively the responsibility of the employers with whom you will be working to secure a work visa for Jordan. Depending on the length of stay, there are additional categories in addition to these. These categories include:
    Transit visa: Jordanian airports issue transit visas to travellers upon their arrival. Additionally, if you are travelling through Jordan and plan to stay there for no longer than 24 hours, you do not need to pay a visa fee. Therefore, identify yourself at passport control as a transit traveller
  • You can get this visa at the airport in Jordan. Jordan's visa regulations state that travellers with you can only stay in Jordan on a single entry visa for one month at a time, so you'll need a passport that will be good for at least that long. Visa with two entries: Travelers who possess this visa may stay in Jordan for three months from when it is issued. In this regard, to apply for these visas, you must first contact the Jordanian consulate in your region.

Jordan Visa Rules and Conditions

  • Most people with multiple-entry Jordan visas and citizens of nations with visa-free access to the Jordan area also have trouble understanding this concept. Contrary to popular belief, the 180-day period does not begin when your visa becomes valid.
  • The 180-day term continues. As a result, if you want to enter the Jordan area, you must count backwards 180 days and check to see if you have spent more than 90 days there.
  • properly completing the application
  • The passport must be active for at least six months.
  • You must speak with Jordan to receive health insurance. After processing your application form, you will be given options for nearby health insurance companies.
  • Document the applicant's Jordan accommodations (hotel, residence, etc.).
  • A legal guardian must accompany applicants who are under the age of 18.
  • Prices for tickets and the proposed itinerary
  • include comprehensive personal information, including the applicant's home address, along with proof of employment
  • Financial stability and bank statements.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

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Occasionally, a visa request may be rejected. Common grounds include lack of a valid reason for travelling, lack of travel arrangements or health/travel insurance, applying on excessively short notice, prior rejection of a visa application, prior immigration violations, criminal history, disrespect for the visa adjudicator or Jordan, lack of strong ties to the country of residence, intention to reside or work in Jordan without authorisation, among others.

No, kids under 12 can visit tourist attractions for free when accompanied by an adult.

The Embassy of Jordan issues Jordanian visas.

No, those with Arab nationalities pay the same admission prices as Jordanians. Hence the Jordan Pass is useless to them (they must show a valid ID at each attraction).

The kind of visa you apply for will determine this. You cannot work in Jordan as a foreign national unless you specifically mentioned that you wanted to do so when you applied for your visa.

You are typically not necessary to submit your application in person. However, getting in touch with the embassy is highly advised before applying.

No, the Jordan pass covers only some of the tourist attractions' entrance fees.

Yes, the Embassy and Consulate maintain the right to contact candidates later for a personal interview or any necessary verification. When required, the Embassy can also seek additional documents, not on the harmonised list of documents.

You will be required to present identification; otherwise, admission to the facility will be charged.


Things to be Done in Jordan

  • The best spot for adventure is Jordan. All in one day, you can enjoy the rich culture, delicious cuisine, historic ruins, breathtaking scenery, the adrenaline rush of canyon rappelling, and the serenity of sleeping beneath the stars in this region.
  • Making a decision might be challenging because there are so many interesting things to do. Here are the top Jordanian experiences to help you focus your search and plan an outstanding itinerary.
  • Hike around the many landscapes of Jordan
  • Jordan's natural beauty alone makes a trip there memorable. There are many castles, wadis (canyons), and old ruins to explore between hiking through forests and wildflower meadows in the north and desert dunes and amazing rock formations in the south. The quantity and variety of hiking paths in Jordan provide possibilities for a range of skill levels and abilities, whether you're a casual walker or an avid hiker.
  • In the Dead Sea, float.
  • Plan a trip to the Dead Sea for a natural spa treatment. Before soaking in the mineral-rich water, apply mud to your skin (most Dead Sea hotels have mud available at the seaside).
  • This is the place to unwind; no swimming or splashing is allowed here. Be careful not to touch your eyes, submerge your head, or enter the water with cuts or a fresh shave since the high salt is wonderful for your skin and buoyancy but can be uncomfortable in your eyes and any open wounds.
  • Savour Jordan's building design
  • According to archaeological discoveries, this area has been inhabited for around two million years, and Jordan has some amazing buildings and archaeological sites.
  • Souvenirs made by regional artists
  • There are options to learn from an artist and purchase your handcrafted keepsake made with traditional methods throughout Jordan. Making paper in Iraq Al Amir, creating mosaics in Amman and Madaba, and weaving at Umm Qais are all possibilities.
  • Learn about Bedouin culture
  • Even though the bulk of Jordan's Bedouin (whose name is derived from the Arabic word bedu, which means "desert residents") are no longer nomadic, their tradition of hospitality endures. Tourists may learn about Bedouin history and traditions through different activities given by the Bedouin community near Feynan Ecolodge, including a stroll through medicinal plants, an Arabic coffee experience, and goat hair tent making.

Apply Jordan Visa Online

Applying for a Jordan VisaFollow these easy procedures to submit a successful Jordan visa application: Choose the Jordan Visa category that best fits your needs, such as Category A, C, or D. A single-entry, dual-entry, or multiple-entry visa may be necessary. This would depend on the country you desire to enter, reside in, or travel to inside the Jordan Area. Find out the details for the embassy or consulate where you must submit your Jordan visa application. At least a fortnight before the date you travel to the Jordan area, submit your application for a Jordan visa. A prospective traveller cannot apply for an advance visa more than six months before the anticipated departure date. Verify that you have all the documents needed to apply for a Jordan Visa. Set up a time to speak with a Jordan visa representative at the relevant embassy or consulate. Check if you want to visit the Jordan Area nation or nations that allow online visa applications. Be on time for your scheduled visa interview and bring all required documentation. Pay the Jordan Visa fees that are necessary. Wait for the results of your interview for a Jordan Visa, which ought to be announced in 15 days. You must select Jordan Visa and Jordan Travel Insurance category.

Types of Jordan E-Visa

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Jordan Facts and Figures

Name : Hashemite Kingdom of Jordan
Capital :Amman
King: Abdullah II of Jordan
Major cities :Amman,Zarqa,Russeifa,Ar Ramtha.
Language : Arabic
Area :89,342 km²
Population : 69 lakhs (2021)
Continent: Asia
Currency :Jordanian Dinar