New Zealand, Mori Aotearoa, is an island country in the South Pacific Ocean, southwest of Polynesia. New Zealand is a remote land located more than 1,000 miles (1,600 km) southeast of its nearest neighbor, Australia. The country comprises two main islands, the North and South Islands, and several smaller islands, some hundreds of miles away from the main group. Wellington, the capital city, and Auckland, the largest urban region, are located on the North Island. New Zealand governs the Tokelau island group in the South Pacific and claims a portion of the Antarctic continent. Niue and the Cook Islands are self-governing territories with a free association agreement with New Zealand.

New Zealand is a country rich in contrasts and diversity. Active volcanoes, beautiful caverns, deep glacial lakes, verdant valleys, brilliant fjords, long sandy beaches, and the spectacular snowcapped peaks of the South Island's Southern Alps/K Tiritiri o te Moana all add to New Zealand's visual splendor. New Zealand also features a diverse range of vegetation and animal life, much of which evolved due to the country's lengthy isolation. It is, for example, the only home of the long-beaked, flightless kiwi, New Zealand's worldwide nickname.

When Great Britain acquired New Zealand in 1840, it was the largest country in Polynesia. Following that, it was a crown colony, a self-governing colony (1856), and a dominion. It controlled practically all of its internal and foreign policy by the 1920s, and it did not achieve full independence until 1947, when it ratified the Statute of Westminster. It belongs to the Commonwealth.

In international assessments of national performance, New Zealand rates highly in areas such as quality of life, education, civil liberties protection, government transparency, and economic freedom. The country was the first to implement a minimum wage and to grant women the right to vote. During the 1980s, New Zealand saw significant economic changes that turned it from a protectionist to a liberalized free-trade economy. The national economy is dominated by the service industry, followed by the industrial sector and agriculture; foreign tourism is also a key source of revenue. Nationally, legislative power is held by an elected, unicameral Parliament, while executive political power is held by the Cabinet, which the prime minister leads, Jacinda Ardern. The kingdom's ruler is King Charles III, who is represented by the governor-general.

This island country provides far more than a tourist visa to New Zealand. Who wouldn't enjoy New Zealand with its high mountains, deep caverns, and relaxing and peaceful beaches? Every tourist with a New Zealand tourist visa travels to the Australian continent to see much more than just this breathtaking beauty.

A tourist visa is provided to anyone wishing to come to New Zealand for tourism. This permit permits you to travel to the country to tour, visit, attending concerts and other recreational activities. This visa is typically issued for a three-month stay and can be single-entry or multiple-entry. The validity period is usually 12 months, but this can vary depending on your visa type. However, it should be remembered that the visa does not ensure access to the country. If border control discovers a problem with your permission, they can prevent you from entering.

Tourist visas are granted to visitors from all over the world, allowing them to enter, stay, and move throughout the country for a set period. New Zealand welcomes many travelers each year for vacation, to see family or friends, or for any other reason that fits the New Zealand Tourist Visa terms.

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Types Of New Zealand

  • While not a visa, this document allows you to enter New Zealand for three months and can be obtained online. More information about it can be found below.
  • This is the most prevalent type of visa. However, not everyone requires one. Only non-visa waiver nations and visitors from visa-waiver countries who intend to stay in New Zealand longer than their visas are waived must apply.
  • This document permits you to enter New Zealand to study and allows you to stay in the country for the duration of your degree. You have the right to work, but the number of hours you can put in is limited.
  • If you want to work in New Zealand, you must apply for a work visa. However, in most cases, your application will not be approved unless you have a job offer.
  • With a New Zealand Resident Visa, you have the legal right to do anything a native does. You have the option of working or not working. You are free to stay in New Zealand indefinitely.

Rules for New Zealand Visa

  • When you arrive in New Zealand, you must submit your passport, valid for at least three months from the day you intend to leave the country.
  • In addition, the passport must be stamped with a valid New Zealand visa.
  • If your visa specifies 'number of entries: multiple,' you may travel between India and New Zealand as often as you like until the 'expiry date of travel.'
  • The standard tourist visa allows you to stay in New Zealand for a maximum of 9 months in 18 months.
  • The visa for New Zealand is not extendable.
  • If your visa runs out while you're still in New Zealand, you'll be considered an illegal immigrant and may be deported. As a result, it is strongly advised always to keep a valid New Zealand visa.
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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

You must have enough money to support your journey while in New Zealand; you must have at least NZ $ 1000 per month in your account; if an NZ resident/citizen sponsors your trip, you must still have at least NZ $ 400 per month in your account.

The New Zealand ETA application process is straightforward and entirely online. When the application is filed and accepted, the applicant will receive a confirmation email with a reference number, which must be presented to immigration officers upon arrival. Yes, it's that easy.

The New Zealand student visa interview is typically conducted over the phone or by video chat with immigration officials in New Zealand. You may need to travel to your local New Zealand embassy or consulate to do this, so allow plenty of time and plan.

Skilled Migrant Category - This visa program is the most common way to become a permanent resident in New Zealand. You will need the following credentials to work in New Zealand: The Skilled Migrant Classification.

Indian nationals are applying for a visa to New Zealand. If you have a valid passport and the appropriate New Zealand visa, entering New Zealand should be simple. You must have a valid passport for at least three months beyond your scheduled departure date and a valid New Zealand visa if necessary.

New Zealand has been named one of the world's happiest countries. PR stands for permanent residency, and New Zealand previously awarded PR to students. Because of the growing amount of immigrants, obtaining a New Zealand PR is becoming increasingly difficult.

New Zealand has been named one of the world's happiest countries. PR stands for permanent residency, and New Zealand previously awarded PR to students. Because of the growing amount of immigrants, obtaining a New Zealand PR is becoming increasingly difficult.


Things to be done in New Zealand

There are so many things to do in New Zealand that planning a trip might be stressful. We've compiled a list of the best adrenaline rushes, delicacies to taste, epic hikes, and cultural experiences in New Zealand so you can make your own Kiwi bucket list. There are limitless things to do in New Zealand, whether you're a first-time visitor or a Kiwi looking to explore. New Zealand has so much adventure and so many things to do that you'll never be able to "do it all" in a single visit. However, if you're anything like us, you'll want to cram in as much as possible!

Stay in a Mountain Hut for the night.

A wide network of mountain lodges around New Zealand allows for multi-day treks. Spending the night in one of the country's 1,000+ huts should be on the bucket list of any adventurer. The huts range from extremely distant and primitive to fairly accessible and luxurious. Do your homework because they differ in price and popularity. Some are booked weeks in ahead, while others are rarely full.

Dolphin Swimming

This experience will be a dream come true if you grow up enamored with "Flipper" and all things dolphin-related. The Dusky Dolphin lives off the coast of the small South Island town of Kaikoura. This species is notable for being small (up to 2 meters long) and lively. They are skilled acrobats who frequently perform flips out of the water! What's more, guess what? You might get the chance to SWIM WITH THEM!

Consume a Fergburger.

We chatted with a few folks who had recently returned from similar journeys before our trip to New Zealand, and each of them started with, "OH MY GOD, YOU NEED TO EAT AT FERGBURGER!" We were genuinely pleasantly surprised by something so touted. We ate there twice (one as a hangover cure...), and the burgers were delicious both times. Everything a burger fan could want: Perfectly prepared Meat. There are numerous innovative toppings. Sauces with distinct flavors. Massive servings.

How to Apply New Zealand Visa Online

  • You can also apply for a New Zealand eVisa if you qualify for a visa on arrival.
  • You can apply for an eVisa through the online Visa Issuance System of the New Zealand Ministry of Foreign Affairs (here).
  • You must enter your nationality, travel information, and money for the visa.
  • The New Zealand eVisa fee is non-refundable, and you will receive your visa within three working days after payment.
  • You can check your visa status by clicking the "Check Application Status" button on the eVisa website.

Types of New Zealand E-Visa

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New Zealand Facts and Figures

Sovereign: Queen Elizabeth II (1952)
Governor-General: Sir Jerry Mateparae (2011)
Prime Minister: John Key (2008)
Population (2014 est.): 4,401,916
Capital (2011 est.): Wellington, 410,000
Largest cities: Auckland, 1.452 million
Monetary unit: New Zealand dollar
Languages: English
National Holiday: Waitangi Day, February 6