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East Asian country of North Korea. North Korea occupies the northern half of the Korean peninsula, which protrudes from the Asian continent between the East Sea (Sea of Japan) and the Yellow Sea. The peninsula's land area accounts for about 55% of the island. China, Russia, and the Republic of Korea (South Korea) are all about the nation's northern and southern borders. Pyongyang, the country's capital, is a significant industrial and transportation hub close to the west coast. The Yalu, also known as the Amnok in Korea, is the longest river in North Korea. It begins on the southern slope of Mount Paektu and travels about 500 miles (800 km) southwest before emptying into Korea Bay. Additionally, the Tumen River begins. However, it extends northeast for roughly 325 miles (520 km) to the East Sea from Mount Paektu. One of these is the Korean peninsula, the world's area with the most consistent ethnic makeup. Most people in North Korea, which has been essentially isolated since 1945, are Korean; the only other significant ethnic minority is a very small number of Chinese. The Korean language, which all Koreans speak, is debatably connected to other languages; it may be related to Japanese or languages of the Altaic group and contains many Chinese loanwords.

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  • Every year, many people go to North Korea for leisure, to see family or friends, or for any other reason that conforms with the North Korea Tourist Visa requirements.
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Types Of North Korea Visa

North Korea offers a variety of visas. Therefore, educate yourself about them to apply for the proper alternative before doing so.

  • North Korea visit visas are among the most popular categories, allowing the bearer to travel to and experience the nation. Because this specific form of access is to attract tourists and promote tourism in the country, it is also known as the North Korea tourist visa.
  • You may apply for this visa if you intend to conduct business in North Korea, invest in a local company, or have a similar goal. However, remember that the North Korean visa criteria for a business or investment visa may differ from those for other types.
  • This visa category is perfect for someone looking for work in North Korea. Note that it is exclusively the responsibility of the employers with whom you will be working to secure a work visa for North Korea. Depending on the length of stay, there are additional categories in addition to these. These categories include: Transit visa: North Korean airports issue transit visas to travellers upon arrival. Additionally, you do not need to pay a visa fee if you travel through North Korea and plan to stay there for no longer than 24 hours. Therefore, identify yourself at passport control as a transit traveller.
  • You can get this visa at the airport in North Korea. North Korea's visa regulations state that travellers with you can only stay in North Korea on a single entry visa for one month at a time, so you'll need a passport that will be good for at least that long. Visa with two entries: Travelers who possess this visa may stay in North Korea for three months from when it is issued. In this regard, to apply for these visas, you must first contact the North Korean consulate in your region.

North Korea Visa Rules and Conditions

  • Most people with multiple-entry North Korean visas and citizens of nations with visa-free access to the North Korean area also have trouble understanding this concept. Contrary to popular belief, the 180-day period does not begin when your visa becomes valid.
  • The 180-day term continues. As a result, if you want to enter the North Korean area, you must count backward 180 days and check to see if you have spent more than 90 days there.
  • properly completing the application
  • The passport must be active for at least six months.
  • You must speak with North Korea to receive health insurance. After processing your application form, you will be given options for nearby health insurance companies.
  • A legal guardian must accompany applicants who are under the age of 18.
  • Prices for tickets and the proposed itinerary
  • include comprehensive personal information, including the applicant's home address, along with proof of employment
  • Financial stability and bank statements

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

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Occasionally, a visa request may be rejected. Common grounds include lack of a valid reason for travelling, lack of travel arrangements or health/travel insurance, applying on excessively short notice, prior rejection of a visa application, previous immigration violations, criminal history, disrespect for the visa adjudicator or North Korea, lack of strong ties to the country of residence, intention to reside or work in North Korea without authorisation, among others.

No, kids under 12 can visit tourist attractions for free when accompanied by an adult.

The Embassy of North Korea issues North Korean visas.

No, those with Arab nationalities pay the same admission prices as North Koreans. Hence the North Korea Pass is useless to them (they must show a valid ID at each attraction).

The kind of visa you apply for will determine this. You cannot work in North Korea as a foreign national unless you specifically mentioned that you wanted to do so when you applied for your visa.


Things to be Done in North Korea

  • An abandoned hotel is the tallest structure in North Korea.
  • The Ryugyong Hotel, also referred to as "the hotel of doom," is the angular structure in the middle. According to Guinness World Records, it is the tallest vacant structure in the world, standing at 329 meters. Due to North Korea's economic difficulties, work on the abandoned house started in 1987 but was interrupted multiple times over the next three decades. The 105-story building contains a rotating restaurant on the top level, but it has never been able to successfully open for business counterfeiting US currency.
  • Because North Koreans are so skilled at forging dollars, American decision-makers have thought about stopping the creation of the $100 bill. Last year, David Wolman of Time magazine noted that "these ultra-counterfeits are light-years beyond the feeble facsimiles produced by ordinary forgers, who use desktop printers." "With few exceptions, these fakes can only be detected by Federal Reserve institutions outfitted with the most sophisticated detecting technology."
  • Hacking
  • Yes, just a small portion of the population has access to the Internet in the country. However, as the North's most recent cyberattacks against South Korea showed, a select group of its hackers is particularly skilled at what they do. In March, Max Fisher of The Washington Post described how Pyongyang developed its cyber workforce.
  • In 2011, Al Jazeera spoke with two North Korean defectors who claimed to have participated in what they claimed to be a sizable and extremely skilled cyber warfare division, which supposedly hired its hackers right out of elementary school.
  • Maximizing efficiency
  • You learn to improvise if you don't have much. Robert Carlin, a Stanford visiting scholar and expert on North Korea, has often observed this trait there. He told Foreign Policy, "Watch a North Korean who doesn't have the necessary tools fix a machine that is supposed to be mended ONLY with a No. 4367A Sears Craftsman gadget, patent pending, or start a car that has long since lost its capacity to start. "The lights go out because there isn't enough electricity? Candles are lit, and North Koreans carry on with their daily activities. A North Korean scientist once dryly thanked us for failing to deliver heavy fuel oil on time, which led to the electricity being out and allowed his personnel to learn how to disassemble and reassemble a very delicate, intricate piece of equipment IN THE DARK.

Apply North Korea Visa Online

Applying for a North Korea VisaFollow these easy procedures to submit a successful North Korea visa application: Choose the North Korea Visa category that best fits your needs, such as Category A, C, or D. A single-entry, dual-entry, or multiple-entry visa may be necessary. This would depend on the country you desire to enter, reside in, or travel to inside the North Korea Area. Find out the details for the embassy or consulate where you must submit your North Korea visa application. At least a fortnight before the date you travel to the North Korea area, submit your application for a North Korea visa. A prospective traveller cannot apply for an advance visa more than six months before the anticipated departure date. Verify that you have all the documents needed to apply for a North Korea Visa. Set up a time to speak with a North Korean visa representative at the relevant embassy or consulate. Check if you want to visit the North Korean Area nation or nations that allow online visa applications. Be on time for your scheduled visa interview and bring all required documentation. Pay the North Korea Visa fees that are necessary. Wait for the results of your interview for a North Korea Visa, which ought to be announced in 15 days. You must select the North Korean Visa and North Korean Travel Insurance categories.

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North Korea Facts and Figures

Name :The Democratic People's Republic of Korea
Capital :Pyongyang
Major cities :Chongjin,Pyongyang, Hamhung.
Supreme leader: Kim Jong-un
Area :120,540 km²
Population :2.59 crores (2021)
National day : Sep 9
Currency :North Korean Won, Korean won,Korean yen