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Saint Helena is a small island in the middle of the Atlantic. It is considered one of the most beautiful and charming countries for tourist destinations. The scenic beauty of this place remains the center of attraction for foreign tours of the world. St Helena is an isolated island that is close to the mainland of South Africa. St Helena is blessed with astonishing beauty with a semi-tropical vibe. From scuba diving to mountain hiking along volcanic coastlines makes this place is even more fascinating to travel to. Despite Saint Helen being a very small island, it is known for its whopping natural resources. There are still several travel destinations that are still untapped for the rest of the world. Saint Helena covers everything starting from beautiful scenic beauty to heritage sites to the most adventurous places. There are various places such as Jacob's ladder, Plantation Houses, Napoleon's tomb, Long wood house, and The Museum of Saint Helena.

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Types Of Saint Helena Visa

Planning to visit Saint Helena and worrying about a Travel visa. You love to hear that Not everyone needs a tourist visa to travel to Saint Helena. However, this depends on the person's nationality, visit purpose, country of residence, and stay duration. But visas don’t guarantee entry to Saint HelenaHere is the complete information regarding the type of visa applications

  • This type of visa is issued to travelers belonging to various parts of the world to travel across Saint Helena. If you are someone who wants to visit Saint Helena for just travel then this type of visa is best for you.
  • This type of Saint Helena Visa is issued to People around the world who want to travel to Saint Helena for employment purposes, not for travel purposes. you just need to know about the required document for work or business purposes.
  • This type of visa is authorized for a student Or person associated with academics.

Saint Helena Visa Rules and Conditions

  • Here is a list of complete rules and regulations that one needs to fulfill to complete the application process for a Saint Helena visa
  • 1. The person needs to wait for at least 2-4 Business days for the completion of Visa Processing
  • 2. The person needs to have a Covid negative report to travel to Saint Helena. In case you have any medical issues, she must carry a medical prescription given by her doctor.
  • 3. An additional charge will be there if a person can extend their Stay as per their need.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Yes, Saint Helena Visa is required to travel to Saint Helena. You are not allowed to enter Saint Helena if you don’t have your passport stamped. You can detail about document required, Visa Price and various other important details from visit visa.

Saint Helena Visa is a legal document that gives access to travelers across the globe to explore Saint Helena.

Two types of Saint Helena visas are issued one is a single type and the other is a multiple-entry visa. Both of these visas are issued for 90 days. which can be extendable but an extra amount needs to be paid

Saint Helena got Rejected if the Visitor is Providing incomplete information or incorrect information.

Yes, getting to Saint Helena is Pretty simple with a visit visa, all you need to do is just complete the documentation process by filling in all the valid required information.

Service charges are not under Saint Helena Embassy The embassy does not interfere in Various affairs such as Judicial Saint Helena is not required to Furnish various information regarding Visa Residence, and employment Saint Helena is Not Authorized in Providing financial support which includes tickets and transportation.


Things to be Done in Saint Helena

  • Saint Helena is the land of many exotic forested areas, national parks, and beautiful beaches. Though there are very limited public transport services, they are enough to satisfy the need of local people but its astounding natural beauty indeed leaves you stunned. Here are a few things to do in Saint Helena
  • Jacob ladder: it is one of the most visited sites of Saint Helena. make sure you do visit the museum as well
  • Plantation House: it is one of the historic sites of Saint Helena. it is known for 3 giant tortoises
  • Napoleon's tomb: it is also one of the few beautiful landmarks of Saint Helena. The visitor must visit this serene place if he/she is traveling to Saint Helena.
  • Long wood house: it's also worth visiting places of Saint Helena which have a long history. It also contains lots of artifacts that make this place even more special.
  • The museum of Saint Helena: this museum is comprised of various historical picture statues or artifacts.

Apply Saint Helena Visa Online

Applying for a Saint Helena VisaNo matter in which corner of the world you are living, applying for a Saint Helena visa online becomes too easy. The online application allows the user to avail of the benefit of a Saint Helena visa in a few Hours. Here is the list of a few documents that need to be submitted while applying for an Online E-Visa to Saint Helena Person Valid Passport Copies Person's Original document copies The person must have a Financial statement Colored Passport sized Photo

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Saint Helena Facts and Figures

Name :Saint Helena
Capital :Jamestown
Major cities :Half Tree Hollow , Saint Helena,Longwood ,VarnaVarna, Georgetown.
Language : India, United Kingdom, Pakistan, Singapore
Area :121.7 km²
Population : 4,255 (2008)
National day : 21 st May
Currency : Pound sterling equals