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One of the few areas on earth that have not yet seen urbanisation is the Solomon Islands. This place differs from other travel destinations due to its natural surroundings. There are 1,000 islands in this country, yet only 6 of them are inhabited. Travelling to Solomon Island has never been a challenge because of how easily accessible it is from every part of the globe thanks to its international airport and ports.The Solomon Islands is the place to go if you're searching for a relaxing vacation. Your initial stop will likely be Honiara, the capital city, as it is the closest to the airport. Guadalcanal has a history since it was previously the scene of significant political unrest during World War II. The war and peace memorial, the national parliament, the government house, and museums are the main draws in this area. Additionally, there are Matanikau Falls, Bonegi Beach, and the wrecked ship Hirokawa Maru. The Rennell Island is comprised of the provinces of Rennell and Bellona. You may find some of the rare indigenous species of flora and animals to view since it is the second-largest elevated coral atoll in the world. The majority of the island is covered in deep forest, leaving very little room for population. Some of the things you may partake in include watching the sunset at Lake Tagano and diving and snorkelling at Kagaba Bay.

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Types Of Solomon Islands Visa

Watch the breathtaking eruption of the underwater volcano Kavachi in Western Province, south of Ngatokae. Visit the downtown Honiara food market for a taste of the Solomon Islands' colourful and lively culture. Enjoy seeing the dolphins' untamed antics as they frolic out of a cove on Savo Island. Surf some of the best surf spots in the world at lau lagoon in Malaita or Tagovave on Guadalcanal's Weathercoast to unleash your inner adventurer. The Western Province's Marovo lagoon, the world's biggest saltwater lagoon and home to a variety of teeming marine life, is known for its tranquil vastness.

  • To complete your brief visit to the Solomon Islands, you can apply for a short-term visitor visa. Applications for this kind of visa can be made for a variety of non-permanent reasons, including travel, visiting family or friends, business excursions, short-term schooling, exchange programmes, short-term visitor work, and many others. Holders with visas are permitted to stay for a minimum of 6 weeks and a maximum total of 90 days. For the Director of Immigration, the Border Control Unit of the Immigration Division is in charge of processing this category of visas.
  • Foreign nationals who desire to live (often for the purpose of founding a company, investing, working, learning, trading, or for religious reasons) must apply for a long-term visa to the Director of Immigration before arriving in the Solomon Islands. A visa can be used to enter and remain for a maximum of two years. Existing visa holders who seek to extend their stay in the Solomon Islands further must submit an application to the Director of Immigration two months before their current visa expires with all requirements set out. The Ministry of Trade, Industries, Labor, and Immigration's Labor Division is responsible for issuing long-term visas.
  • Permit holders to come to and stay in the Solomon Islands for academic study. Holders of student visas are only permitted to stay for a period of time that is barely a month longer than the length of the course they are enrolled in. The Director of Immigration's Permit Unit is in charge of processing this category of visas within the Immigration Division.
  • Make it possible for the spouse of a long-term visa holder (the sponsor) to enter and stay in the Solomon Islands. Holders of this category of visa would have a same maximum stay as their sponsor. For the Director of Immigration, the Permit Unit of the Immigration Division is in charge of processing this visa.

Solomon Islands Visa Rules and Conditions

  • Unless you are a member of a group that is exempt from visa requirements, you will need a visa even if you are just passing through the Solomon Islands. Unless they come from one of the nations that are exempt from visa requirements or whose citizens qualify for a permit that can be issued upon arrival, visitors to the Solomon Islands must get a visa.
  • By acquiring a Solomon Islands visa, you can go on your intended vacation to the islands. For transitory purposes, foreign citizens can apply for short-term visas to the Solomon Islands at the embassy or when they arrive (tourism, business, cultural, and other short-term purposes).

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Yes, a visit is necessary for all Indian passport holders to visit the Solomon Islands. The Director of Immigration's Border Control Unit is in charge of processing this category of visas within the Immigration Division. The kind of visa you need to enter the Solomon Islands may vary depending on your nationality, the reason for your intended trip, and the length of your stay.

Yes. Not a copy, but the original passport itself, must be sent. Your passport will be stamped with a visa for the Solomon Islands, which will turn into one of the pages. Your original passport is required to process your visa request. We highly advise that you transmit your application in a safe manner through a trackable courier due to the significance of your passport.

The ideal window for Solomon Islands visa applications is one to two months prior to the intended departure date.


Things to be Done in Solomon Islands

  • Fly above the high atoll islands of Rennell and Bellona, which are the location of Lake Tegano, a UNESCO World Heritage Site, and be amazed.
  • Enjoy diving the Japanese wreck, the Toa Maru, or Gizo's Grand Central Station while the water is clear.
  • Visit battlefield locations in and around Honiara, on land and underwater, to get a sense of the fierceness of World War II conflicts and to be moved by the valour of men who gave the ultimate sacrifice.
  • Be astounded by the beautiful sound of Malaita panpipe music.
  • Visit the nesting areas of green, leatherback, and hawksbill turtles, the majority of which are severely endangered, and let nature surprise you.

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Solomon Islands Facts and Figures

Name :British Solomon Islands Protectorate
Capital :Honiara
Local time: Monday, 4:17 pm
Weather: 28 °C, Wind NW at 14 km/h, 84% Humidity
Language : English
Area:28,896 km²
Population: 7.04 lakhs (2021)
National day : July 7
Currency :Solomon Islandsn Lev equals