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Somalia has officially become the Federal Republic of Somalia which is a country acknowledged as the Horn of Africa. Indeed it has a brutal and long history of neverending war, unknowing attacks, and famine. It is also infamous for its regular pirate attacks during the 2000s. But, the truth is that Somalia is much more than this. It’s a very beautiful country where you can go and witness the scenic beauty.
Talking about the geography of Somalia, its coastline stretches to 3,025 km and is shaped like the number 7. It generally lies next to the Indian Ocean to the east and to the north there is the Gulf of Aden. Currently, it is known to be the longest coastline present in the whole continent if it wasn’t for Madagascar. Along the coastline, you will find very beautiful and pristine beaches in the entire world. That’s the reason; it has become one of the most popular tourist destinations. Apart from this, Somalia is also known for its prehistoric rock paintings at Laas Geel. Although many artists have used white and red paint on them, still their brilliance is untouched. These paintings actually give an insight into Somalia life over 5000 years ago showing cattle, giraffes, hunters, and antelopes that used to live in forests.
Somalia has a record of the highest fertility rates in the world. A woman in Somalia, on average can give birth to 6 children. As it is a poverty-stricken country, women don’t get modern ways of contraception. Still, if somehow contraception is made available to them, there is no surety that the women use them because Somali people prefer big families. In Somalia, it’s the prime duty of women to give birth to children. However, because of low healthcare facilities and poverty, sadly many children die at very young ages.

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Types Of Somalia Visa

Depending on the purpose of your Somalia visit, the government will issue visas to people. There are different kinds of Somalia visas that you can check and apply likewise.

  • A business visa is applied when someone is visiting Somalia for business purposes. This kind of visa is valid for about 6 months ahead of stay time.
  • A tourist visa is issued to travelers who are traveling internationally to Somalia. It is also valid for 6 months ahead of a span of stay.
  • A student visa is issued to people who wish to study in Somalia and it is applicable for the duration of the course.
  • A transit visa is generally issued to people who have to transition from one country to another. To apply for this, one has to provide required proof like tickets, visas, and others.

Somalia Visa Rules and Conditions

  • First and foremost thing before you travel to Somalia, you must test yourself for COVID and keep your negative result with you while traveling.
  • Visas fee should be paid after the submission of your application.
  • The applicants have to wait at least 2-3 business days for the completion of visa processing.
  • By paying the extra fees, travelers can extend their start for 30 to 60 days.
  • Always keep a copy of your medical prescription in case you are suffering from any kind of medical issues. This helps in emergency conditions at the airport.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

No, there is no need to visit Somalia Embassy. You can do it online or contact a reliable company like Visits Visa to do so.

The Embassy calls the applicants for the last time when their Somalia visa gets rejected. If your visa also gets rejected or granted for a shorter time, then it is upto the authorities to take the final decision and there will be no refund issued.

Generally, a certificate for yellow fever vaccination is valid for about 10 years. The time starts from 10 days post the date of vaccination.

If you are planning to apply for a Somalia visa, then the earliest date to apply for the same is one month before your traveling date to Somalia.


Things to be Done in Somalia

  • Keep your documents safe with you so that you nowhere lost them.
  • Ensure that you don’t carry any kind of sharp or metal objects that are not allowed in customs.
  • Take professional security advice when you are traveling to Somalia. Always follow rules and regulations of Somalia.
  • Keep the emergency number handy so that you can quickly make a call whenever needed.

Apply Somalia Visa Online

Applying for a Somalia VisaSomeone who wants to apply for a Somalia visa online can easily do so by following simple steps and instructions. On finding some problems, you can click on the apply option after reading the information carefully. After gathering all information, you can fill every section of the form. In case, any mistake occurs in any of the steps, it is possible that your visa will not be issued or get rejected.

Types of Somalia E-Visa

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Somalia Facts and Figures

Name :the Federal Republic of Somalia
Capital :Mogadishu
Local time: Thursday, 9:15 am
Gross domestic product: 729.27 crores USD (2021)
Language : Somali, Arabic
Area :110,994 km²
Population: 1.64 crores (2021)
Dialing code: +252
Currency: Somali Shilling