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The Kingdom of Swaziland, once known as eSwatini and bordering Mozambique in southeast Africa, is the continent's only remaining absolute monarchy. A hiker's paradise, this little but scenically stunning nation is home to green peaks, rivers, ravines, undulating valleys, and waterfalls. The main draw in this area is nature reserves, and while few of them are home to the Big Five (lion, leopard, elephant, buffalo, and rhinoceros), all of them provide close-up game-watching opportunities, stunning scenery, and a wide variety of species. Swaziland takes great pride in upholding its distinctive culture, traditions, and holidays. Both Umhlanga, the vivacious Reed Dance celebration that takes place during the last or first week of August, and Incwala, an amazing three-week royal rite in December and January, are open to visitors to see. With our list of the top attractions in Swaziland, you can organise your trip and find out where the greatest locations are to go.

  • One of the few areas in Swaziland where tourists have an opportunity to view lion, elephant, and rhino is the Hlane ("Wilderness") Wildlife Sanctuary, which is home to the greatest herds of game in the nation. With a wide variety of species and the largest population of nesting white-backed vultures on the continent, this 22,000-hectare reserve is a birder's paradise. In order to observe the lions, which live in a separate enclosure, visitors must go on a guided game drive; however, self-guided drives are allowed in other parts of the park. Hikers may explore the network of clearly defined nature paths, mountain bike along jeep routes, and cast a line into one of the two rivers to catch fish. There are several types of accommodations. Riverfront campsites, safari tents, and various family resorts are also options. Visitors have unrestricted access to the surrounding Mlawula Game Reserve and Hlane Royal National Park, which are home to white rhinos and elephants, even though the reserve is devoid of any of the Big Five (leopard, lion, elephant, buffalo, and rhino).

Types Of Swaziland Visa

A wide variety of visa options are available to foreign travellers to Swaziland, each with its own requirements and limits.

  • The most popular form of visa issued for short-stay excursions like vacations or visiting relatives is a tourist and visitor visa (C-visa) for Swaziland. Travel to all regions of Swaziland is permitted with this 90-day visa. To apply for this visa, you must additionally provide the following papers in addition to those mentioned above: evidence that you have been living in the nation where you are applying. A current letter from your employer; a copy of your company licence or tax return if you are self-employed or a freelancer and want to apply for a tourist visa.
  • You will require a Schengen visa if you want to travel to Swaziland for business, medical, or cultural purposes from a nation that does not have a visa arrangement with Swaziland (European C-visa).
  • You can stay in Swaziland and the Schengen region for more than 90 days if you have a national visa (D-visa). Only students who intend to study in Swaziland or members of their families who are nationals are eligible for this visa.
  • Passengers who are flying internationally and stopping over in Swaziland en route to a location outside of the Schengen zone require a transit visa (A-visa). You need to provide documentation of a visa for your final destination in order to apply for a transit visa for Swaziland. This kind of visa does not allow you to leave the airport at any time. You need to apply for a Schengen visa if you need to leave the airport in Swaziland.

Swaziland Visa Rules and Conditions

  • The service cost and the application fee for the visa are never refundable. The total fee is not refundable, even if your visa application is denied. We have no influence over whether a visa application will be approved or rejected, or how long it will take to process.
  • Visa applications may take longer than normal to process; the immigration department alone is responsible. Only after the verification of all necessary documentation and full payment will visa applications be processed.
  • A visa issued for a visit, business, transit, or tourist is not valid for employment in the country of destination. The right to reject applications at our discretion and are not responsible for the immigration department's processing times or refusals of visa applications.
  • If the destination country imposes any fees, the traveller or consumer is completely responsible for paying them. The applicant is responsible for covering any additional costs, such as document courier, picture development, attestation, etc.
  • A multiple-entry Schengen Visa enables several entrances into the Schengen Region throughout the visa's validity term, whereas a single-entry Schengen Visa only allows access to the Schengen area once and prevents re-entry after departing (90 days total within a 180-day period).

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Only those who have filed for a business-related Schengen visa may work while on visa. If so, you are only permitted to work in the capacity that your company has specified in your visa application. Otherwise, you must apply for residence if you wish to work in Swaziland.

You may be required to furnish the following information with your visa application form: Name of the applicant. Date of birth. Passport number. Profession. Dates of travel/stay at your destination country. Contact address in the destination country.

The Schengen Visa is a temporary visa that is attached to your passport as a sticker. A "short stay" is defined as a stay of 90 days within a 180-day period. This means that in any 180-day period, the overall length of stay may not exceed 90 days. On the visa sticker, under "Duration of visit," is the specific duration of your Schengen visa's validity. You are only permitted one entrance into the Schengen region with a single-entry visa. This is shown by the number "1" under the title "Number of entries" on the visa sticker.

Following the implementation of the Visa Information System (VIS), all applicants for visas in India must appear in person as of 2 November 2015 to give biometric data (fingerprints and digital photography). The photo can be shot digitally at the time of application or it can be scanned from an already existing one. The fingerprints from the prior application file in the VIS may be duplicated for future applications made during the next five years. Within the previously mentioned five-year window, the consulate will again take fingerprints if there is a plausible dispute about the applicant's identification.


Things to be Done in Swaziland

  • Lobamba is the spiritual and cultural centre of Swaziland, located in the lovely Ezulwini valley (also known as the Valley of Heaven). The Swaziland monarchy and the nation's most significant structures are located in this laid-back town. Visitors may locate the Parliament Building, the National Museum, the Royal Kraal, and other government structures in the Lobamba Royal Village.
  • The Swazi Market is a must-visit destination for travellers in search of souvenirs and is located in Mbabane, the capital of Swaziland, which has a cool temperature. It is located at the southernmost point of Allister Miller Street, the town's primary commercial avenue. Fresh food, ceramics, handmade baskets, masks, traditional textiles, soapstone sculptures, and beaded jewellery are all abundant in these stalls. The traditional medicine centre is particularly fascinating since it has an amazing selection of potions and lotions for healing.

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Swaziland Facts and Figures

Name :Kingdom of Eswatini
Capital :Mbabane, Lobamba
Dialing code: +268
Language : Swati, English
Area :17,363 km²
Population : 11.7 lakhs (2021)
King: Mswati III
Currency: Swazi Lilangeni