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Ukraine is a country that is known for its beautifully diverse landscape and its well-preserved culture and tradition. Ukraine is the largest country in Europe. More than 4.8 crore people visit Ukraine every year to travel, capturing its beauty. For such people, a visa is a necessity. For making and providing them Visa Visits Visa is the best provider which came out in the modern time era.

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Types of Ukraine Visa

  • A visitor visa is a type of visa which allows visitors and travelers to travel to foreign countries for the means of traveling for a certain period. For travelers who are visiting Ukraine individually and want to explore the whole city the 30 Days, Single Entry is best for them or, in case they want to extend their plan and want to stay for any kind of personal experience and choices the visa category of 60 days Single Entry will help them in their long stay in Ukraine
  • Transit visas are given to individual people who are translating someone's place to another place and have many more destination plans in their ongoing journey.
  • Student visas are for students who are doing their academic studies in foreign countries and are there attending any foreign language training programs.
  • Business Visas are designed for travelers who are traveling from one place to another for the subject of international business and related terms to business activities. The 30 days Multiple Entry visa option is best for people who are visiting Yemen 2-3 times a month in which they don't have to pay extra for travel Otherwise, the best option for them is 60 days with multiple entries for long business trip stays or if the up-down of Ukraine for 5 -6 times

Visa Rules and Regulations

  • The fees for a visa must be paid after the application is filled
  • A customer has to wait for 2 to 3 business days properly within which their visa gets the process
  • All passengers who are traveling to Ukraine must have their covid negative report with a PCR report mentioning a time when the sample was taken
  • All Ukraine passengers can extend their stay for 30 - 60 days after paying the extra fees.
  • In case you are suffering from any medical issue you should keep a copy of the medical prescription from your doctor for traveling because at the airport if it is found that you are undergoing some serious health issue, you would be directly admitted to the hospital without your concern from the staffing department.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Persons who have valid IDs and passports can apply for a visa.

You should apply 2 months or 3 months before your travel date.

Yes, you have to do this process because your visa will be checked on different platforms and by different officers in paperback form.


Things to be Done in Ukraine

  • Be sure that you don't carry any kind of products that are not allowed or which can't pass customs such as metal objects, sharp objects, etc.
  • Follow and read all the rules and regulations made by the government of Ukraine
  • Keep in mind or note down all the emergency numbers in case you have any problems.
  • Get ready yourself with all your travel documents to reprint them on immigrating desk after arrival
  • Keep your original or copy of your passport when you are traveling to different destinations in Ukraine

Apply Ukraine Visa Online

To apply for a Ukraine visa online which steps need to be followed in which you have to apply through visit in applying for the visa for Ukraine. There are some processes and steps which you need to follow properly and have to go through the rules and regulations. Also if I use he/she to get a problem while they are applying they need to refresh the page again and then carefully fill in all the information . In some cases a visa may get rejected if a user makes mistakes applying options.

Types of Ukraine E-Visa

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Amazing company with outstanding…

Amazing company with outstanding platform however I was a little worry at the beginning to be scammed. Excellent service indeed in no time.

August 02, 2022

Great Response and Service

Great Response and Service

August 02, 2022

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Absolutely happy with our experience. We requested and paid for 7 UAE visas and insurance on the 21st of May and received all 7 24th May 2022. I don't..

Ukraine Facts and Figures

Population: 43,950,000 (July 2018 CIA Factbook est.)
Location: Eastern Europe, bordering the Black Sea, between Poland and Russia
Geographic coordinates: 49 00 N, 32 00 E
Area: total: 603,700 sq km, land: 603,700 sq km
Area comparative: slightly smaller than Texas
Land boundaries:total: 4,558 km
Coastline: 2,782 km
Maritime claims: (water resources), continental shelf: 200-m or to the depth of exploitation , exclusive economic zone: 200 nm, territorial sea: 12 nm
Independence: 1 December 1991 (from Soviet Union)
National holiday: Independence Day, 24 August (1991)
Constitution: adopted 28 June 1996
Suffrage: 18 years of age universal