Uzbekistan Visa

Uzbekistan is a traditional and historic nation. Native Americans have never been nomads and have always led sedentary lives. The Uzbeks have been flourishing in trade and agriculture for years while also constructing homes. Due to Uzbekistan's fortunate geographic position, which is virtually in the middle of the Great Silk Road, life was always humming along here. Throughout its region in antiquity, countless camel caravans carrying products from Asia to Europe and vice versa traversed huge deserts.

Nowadays, visitors travel to this region to enjoy lamb pilaf, manti, and chorba, to shop for authentic pieces of art like painted ceramics, leather bags, and coloured carpets, and to just experience the essence of the east against the backdrop of breath-taking natural beauty.

The capital and largest city of Uzbekistan is Tashkent, which translates from Uzbek as "a stone city." The Chorsu Market in Tashkent is a must-see for travellers since bazaars are the centre of life in the East. It has flourished since the Middle Ages and enables you to completely immerse yourself in the ambience of the eastern world. Huge watermelons, fragrant melons, luscious tomatoes, deep-green plants, vibrant textiles, rugs, and stunningly detailed painted dishes may all be found on its counters. The Botanical Garden is one of Tashkent's most popular tourist attractions. It is accessible to travellers all year long because of its pleasant temperature.

The Aral Sea is undoubtedly one of Uzbekistan's most outlandish tourist destinations. The area had a lush ecology with lakes, marshes, and fishing communities just 50 years ago. The Aral Sea, however, is now almost completely gone at less than 10% of its former size after years of irrigation canals being used to redirect rivers that once poured into it. The most southern city in Uzbekistan, Termez, developed significantly thanks to Buddhism. Zoroastrianism, Manichaeism, and Buddhism all coexisted in the region from the first to the seventh century. Near Termez, Fayaz-Tepa has sculptures and frescoes that are extremely well-preserved, and Kara-Tepa has a number of temples that are adorned with historic artwork and inscriptions.

The capital of the Karakalpakstan Region is Nukus, where there is a remarkable museum. Igor Savitsky, an artist and archaeologist who spent 30 years in the area, established the museum. He started by collecting jewellery and other traditional Karakalpak objects, and in the 1960s he finally opened a museum. The Mausoleum of Bahauddin Naqshbandi, the founder of a significant Sufi order, is the most venerated of the several religious monuments that are often visited during excursions to Bukhara. Be sure to visit Khast-Imam Square in Tashkent, where you may see one of the world's oldest Qurans, for which Uzbekistan is renowned. Other locations, like Shahi-Zinda and Registan Square in Samarkand, have their own histories to share with visitors who stop by and spend some quiet time there.

Types of Uzbekistan Visa?

Different visas are available for different reasons and objectives for visitors. There are the following kinds available:

  • Permanent personnel of diplomatic missions, consular posts, and representatives of international organisations fall under the D-1 (diplomatic) category.
  • D-2(diplomatic): contract workers for diplomatic missions, consular staff, and representatives of international organisations

diplomatic officials travelling to Uzbekistan for vacation reasons

  • Permanent workers of diplomatic representations, consular offices, and representatives of international organisations who do not possess diplomatic passports are classified as S-1 (service).
  • Temporary workers of diplomatic representatives, consular offices, and representatives of international organisations who do not possess diplomatic passports are classified as S-2 (service).
  • S-3 (service): Individuals travelling to Uzbekistan for a business who have been invited by government entities
  • Members of official delegations visiting Uzbekistan on a government or parliamentary invitation are referred to as "officials" (O).

    Business and trade

    • B-1 (business): Permanently accredited personnel of foreign businesses' and corporations' representative offices
    • Business representatives are designated as B-2. traveller: tourism
    • TG (group): Tourist groups with a minimum of 10 people.
    • E (work): Individuals who have jobs on Uzbekistan's soil

    Employees of foreign mass media who are permanently accredited are designated as J-1s.

  • J-2 (mass media): Temporarily authorised foreign mass media workers
  • PV-1 (private): Visitors who have been invited to Uzbekistan as guests by Uzbek nationals
  • PV-2 (private): foreigners who are permanently accredited in Uzbekistan who invite guests to visit Uzbekistan.
  • Education

    • A-1 (education): Students, interns/trainees, and PhD candidates enrolled in academic programmes on Uzbekistan-based campuses
    • A-2(teaching): professors and instructors employed by Uzbekistan's Ministry of Public Education and Ministry of Higher and Secondary Special Education
    • Crew personnel of trains and aeroplanes are classified as C-1.
    • C-2: automobile drivers

    Visa Rules and Regulations

    The following laws govern the Republic of Uzbekistan's entry-exit regulations regarding visas:

    • Procedure for Foreign Citizens and Stateless Persons Entering and Leaving the Republic of Uzbekistan (Annex 1 to Decree No. 408 of the Cabinet of Ministers of the Republic of Uzbekistan dated Nov. 21, 1996, as amended)
    • Instruction No. 349 for Obtaining Entry-Exit Visas for Foreign Citizens and Stateless Persons in the Republic of Uzbekistan, issued June 4, 1997, as modified.
    • Your sponsor must submit the following paperwork when they apply for visa confirmation:
    • Visa Application Form for Uzbekistan. accessible through the Ministry of Foreign Affairs website.
    • If a group or business is inviting you, the invitation must be written on the organization's letterhead.
    • completed the online visa application. This is accessible. The eVisa is not comparable to this.
    • Your passport photocopy.
    • a replica of your flying ticket (if arriving at Tashkent airport)
    • A copy of the host's passport is required if an individual is a sponsor.
    • evidence of your connection to the visitor.
    • a copy of the passport of the business president or other authorised applicant if the sponsor is a corporation or organisation.
    • the organization's permit and certification.
    • a copy of the designated person's "Power of Attorney."
    • employment certificate for the guest.

    Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

    You must contact the Department of Diplomatic Service of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs if you need to extend your visa. You'll probably need a letter explaining why you require the visa extension.

    Any tourist who is under the age of 16 does not need a visa. Foreigners under the age of 16 may enter, temporarily remain, and exit Uzbekistan without a visa.

    All Uzbekistan airlines and airports accept the Uzbekistan e-visa. Observe that the e-visa will be delivered through email. To enter Uzbekistan, visitors must submit their e-visa, either in print form or electronically, at the immigration checkpoint.


    Things to be Done in Uzbekistan

    Since bazaars are the heart of life in the East, tourists must visit the Chorsu Market in Tashkent. One of the most visited tourist destinations in Uzbekistan is the Botanical Garden. Due to its comfortable climate, travellers may visit it all year long. Citizens of more than 50 countries can apply for an Uzbekistan eVisa. You must submit an application through one of Uzbekistan's diplomatic missions if your intended stay will be more than 30 days. Following receipt of a visa confirmation letter, you may submit a visa application at the Embassy or Consulate.

    Types of Uzbekistan E-Visa

    Note: All the visa are going to be valid for 60 days from the date of travel.

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    Uzbekistan Facts and Figures

    National name: Ozbekiston Respublikasi
    Land area: 164,247 sq mi (
    Population (2014 est.): 28,929,716
    Capital and largest city (2011 est.): Tashkent,
    Monetary unit: Uzbekistani sum
    Languages: Uzbek 74.3%, Russian 14.2%, Tajik 4.4%, other 7.1%
    Religions: Islam (mostly Sunnis) 88%, Eastern Orthodox 9%, other 3%
    Literacy rate: 99.4% (2011 est.)