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One of the most beautiful, welcoming, diverse, and unexplored nations in Africa in Zambia. It is also one of the few places in Africa that are universally praised for its breathtaking natural beauty. In comparison to other southern African countries, the nation has a lot of natural water resources outside of the famous Victoria Falls. The renowned Zambezi River, multiple national parks, the abundance of animal and bird species, as well as the colourful culture of the nation, are some of the other attractions. Victoria Falls, known as the greatest waterfall in the world, is located in southern Africa, on the Zambezi River, between Zambia and Zimbabwe. Without experiencing Victoria Falls' stunning sights, a trip to Zambia is not complete. This location perfectly embodies the meaning of its indigenous name, Mosi-oa-Tunya, which translates as The Smoke that Thunders. Depending on their nationality, foreigners who wish to visit Zambia might first need to apply for a visa. The country of Zambia is located in southern Africa and is renowned for its untamed environment, plentiful animals, and rocky landscapes. The area welcomes hundreds of thousands of tourists each year and is typically safe to visit. Zambia has a lot to offer the environment and wildlife enthusiasts. Fortunately, the Zambian government has made the visa application procedure easier by making it available online for everyone, even if you do require a visa. A Zambia visa may also be obtained upon arrival for citizens of a number of other nations.

  • Travellers who need to obtain a visa frequently worry about the length of the procedure. Fortunately, Zambia's application processing is rapid. However, there are two processing times as it differs if you may get a visa for Zambia on arrival or if you have to apply for one. The 2 processing times are shown below, along with their processing times:
  • For citizens who are eligible for a visa on arrival, processing takes three business days.
  • Visa applications from citizens must be processed within five business days. The length of time it takes to get a Zambian visa varies on your nationality and the method you use to apply.
  • Online applications The processing period for a Zambia visa on arrival is three days if you come from one of the approved nations. The processing period for a Zambia visa is five days if you come from one of the non-eligible nations.

Types Of Zambia Visa

Zambia is quickly becoming a top tourism destination thanks to its breathtaking, untouched scenery and welcoming culture. Based on total dimensions, Victoria Falls is said to be the largest waterfall in the world. Livingstone serves as the starting point for a number of adventure sports as well as trips to Victoria Falls. In all of Africa, South Luangwa National Park is home to one of the densest populations of species. One of the finest areas to witness elephant, giraffe, and buffalo herds is the park. The president formerly had private wildlife property in the Lower Zambezi National Park. In 1983, it was designated as a national park. In the country's north sits Shiwa Ngandu, an English-style rural estate with a stunning house. In addition to being the largest national park in the nation, Kafue National Park is also the second-largest park in all of Africa. In central Zambia, it extends approximately 8,600 square miles. Kafue National Park was created in 1924 and is reachable from Lusaka and Livingstone by road. A variety of herds of antelope, puku, red lechwe, blue wildebeests, and zebras may be seen along rivers and floodplains. Along with some of the biggest crocodiles in southern Africa, there are also hippos.

UAE Visa Rules and Conditions

  • The Zambian government grants the following visas to visitors from other countries: 1. During the time the visa is valid, a single-entry visa permits the bearer to enter Zambia just once.
  • During the validity of the visa, a double-entry visa permits the bearer to enter Zambia twice.
  • Multiple-entry visas, which let the bearer to enter the nation on different occasions while the visa is valid
  • Foreigners who will transit through Zambia on their way to a third nation are granted a Zambia transit visa. the seven-day validity of the visa
  • Foreign nationals who wish to visit Zambia for a single day are granted a Zambia Day-Tripper visa. Zambia Day Tripper Visas are available at the Kazungula and Victoria Falls Border Controls, and you must leave from the same location you entered.
  • It is possible to travel for up to 30 days between Zambia and Zimbabwe using the KAZA Visa, which serves as a universal visa for both nations. The KAZA visa is only available to specific nationalities.
  • The purpose of your trip to Zambia will determine the category of visa you need. For instance: For foreigners visiting Zambia for tourism and recreation, a tourist visa is required.
  • Foreigners going to Zambia for long-term employment are granted a work visa, commonly referred to as an employment permit.
  • Zambia Business Visa, for foreigners visiting for a brief period of business
  • Foreigners visiting Zambia for educational purposes are granted a Zambia student visa, sometimes known as a student permit.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Yes, you might be eligible to get a Zambia visa extension. A 30-day Zambia visa extension must be requested at a Department of Immigration office in Zambia. It costs nothing to extend your visa, and you can do it again for a total of 90 days.

Foreign nationals who intend to live in Zambia permanently must apply for a residency permit, which is granted by the country's immigration office. Depending on the purpose of your visit to Zambia, there are many kinds of resident permits available in Zambia: For foreigners wishing to work in Zambia on a long-term basis, Zambia offers an employment permit (work visa). For foreigners wishing to enrol in a Zambian educational institution, Zambia offers a Zambia Spouse Permit (Zambia Student Visa). Foreign spouses of Zambian nationals or residents are granted Zambia Spouse Permits. Family members of other Zambian residents are the recipients of Zambia residence permits. foreign nationals with a work permit for at least ten years foreign nationals with a valid investor permit for at least three years foreign nationals with a spouse permit who have had it for at least five years The eService of the Zambia Immigration Department allows you to submit an application for a residence permit in Zambia.

Foreign employees who wish to work in Zambia for a duration longer than six months are granted the Zambia Work Visa, commonly known as an Employment Permit. Foreign expatriates must apply for employment and residence permits through the Zambia Immigration Department. You can use the Immigration Department's eServices system to submit an online application for a Zambia Employment Permit (the same server in which you apply for an eVisa).

You will now see that your online applications are organised into folders based on their current state once you have submitted your application. Let's say you've only lately started utilising the programme. It is regarded as a draught and will be listed under the Applications section's "Draft" category. If you started an application but were unable to finish it, you may restart it by going to the "Drafts" folder and selecting "Resume." When you submit an application, the record is immediately shifted to the "Submitted" folder. You will either see the "Rejected" or "Approved" folder after the application has been processed.


Things to be Done in Zambia

  • Apply for a Zambia eVisa right now. You must register and finish the online application form.
  • Upload electronic versions of the necessary paperwork. (The necessary paperwork for a Zambian visa is listed below.)
  • Pay the visa cost for Zambia. You must use a debit or credit card to make an online purchase, such as a Visa, American Express, MasterCard, Discover, Maestro UK, Visa Electron
  • Maestro International. A receipt will be sent to your email, which you must print and provide to the Zambian immigration officials when you enter the country. At one of Zambia's foreign consulates or embassies, you may also apply for a visa. You must get in touch with the Zambian embassy or consulate in your nation to find out about business hours, days off, and any particular specifications they may have for submitting visa applications. You may be able to apply online, or you may need to submit a paper application. You can always apply online if there is no Zambian presence in your nation.

Apply Zambia Visa Online

Applying for a Zambia Visa Indeed, anyone can apply for a Zambia visa online without finding any difficulty. Once you have filled out the application and applied for a visa, you have to further book an appointment to provide your biometric information. Visits Visa is a renowned place where you can apply for a visa without getting troubled because we work on your behalf. Our team is always available for people 24 x 7 so that they can contact us and apply for a visa to Zambia. The whole process will be quick and you will get the visa via email.

Types of Zambia E-Visa

  • 14 days single or multiple-entry
  • 30 days single or multiple-entry
  • 60 days single or multiple-entry
  • 90 days single or multiple-entry
  • 96 hours single entry
  • 90 days job-seeker
  • 5 years multiple-entry

Note: All the visa are going to be valid for 60 days from the date of travel.

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Zambia Facts and Figures

Name : the Republic of Zambia
Capital : Lusaka
Major cities : Paramaribo, Chadiza. Chama. Chandesi. Chavuma. Chembe. Chibombo. Chiengi. Chilubi.
Language : India, United Kingdom, Pakistan, Singapore.
Area : 752,614 km²
Population : 1.89 crores (2021)
National day :October 24
Currency : Zambian Kwacha